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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lumière des étoiles et Etienne - The Journey

Etienne and Marie had seen one another for a period of time, for walks in the park, picnics and strolls along the promenade, and for rowing on the Seine, dinner at a sidewalk cafe and just to talk.

One day Marie had asked Etienne, whom she had named Moonbeam in response to his naming her Starlight, for a special favor, "Moonbeam, sweet man, would you do me a very great favor? I have a quest to complete and I must travel overseas in dangerous lands. Would you take me there? I cannot reveal to you the nature of the quest until we arrive at the destination." "Starlight and Moonbeam on quest together, of course dear lady!" Etienne replied.

They began the journey shortly, after packing and selecting the hiking staffs they would take with them. They made their way through back by ways and trails until they came to the sea at Marseille. They obtained a berth on a ship and made their way to Bizerte on the coast of Tunisia and by the channel there to the Lake of Bizerte and disembarked at the city of Menzel Bourgiba.

That night under a beautiful North African sky they gazed upon the stars. Etienne turned and said to Marie, "tomorrow you will have to tell me the way we are going and where our destination is." Marie smiled and said, "tomorrow, sweet man, is soon enough. For now, stand here with me on this balcony and look upon the heavenly delight." Etienne said, "yes indeed and then to our rooms until early morn." They looked out serenely for a long time side by side as the stars and moon blazed down on them, and then retired each to their rooms.