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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice I

Chapter one The man with eyes of i.c.e.

"Andy," was the coldest man any of them had ever known. He had eyes of ice that would look through you without any compassion or decency at all. He was also a CIA out of house (shadow CIA, KGB and Red Chinese Military Intelligence the 'Triad') agente provocateur - and gun runner to the Caribbean from Canada (his home) and murder for hire. He bragged about his "resume" with the underworld of the Washington, Moscow, Peking shadow government. The Immigration and Naturalization Service tried to arrest and deport him but after one phone call, 15 minutes later he was back on the street and the INS agents were publicly, very profusely apologizing to him on the street where they had arrested him in front of the very people who had witnessed his arrest. Andy used to carry a briefcase which reportedly had $15,000 cash which he used to trap people with.

Later, the Church Committee reforms targeted agents like him for setting up American Citizens as patsys for the shadow CIA operating illegally in the United States, and since it was for murder for hire, Andy's specialty that he claimed, illegally in the first place anywhere; not that the CIA cared, since the agency always had an "above the law" belief about themselves. That played into the Triad's shadow organization perfectly. Earlier, John F. Kennedy was going to end that, but they got him first.

The local Mafiosi got out of Andy's way on the street. So did the drug dealing bikers who were under the Mafia's wing, but they responded to whatever he wanted.

Guns and drugs and murder for hire of political leaders in a small town where a President of the United States lived. This was only six years after John F. Kennedy's assassination. The hit on Kennedy had been planned and carried out by the Triad in its Moscow base under London's orders and with its agents in the United States. Israel's Ben-Gurion provided the cover by "issuing" the demand that Kennedy be killed. Not all assassinations and other crimes that Mossad was accused of were actually their doing. Many were the Mossad's doing, but many others were done by organizations that used Israel as a dumping ground to blame for what they themselves had done. Israel is a vicious entity, but owned and controlled by others in London's MI5,6 and Langley's "basement" and the Kremlin and Peking's secret foreign interests division. Lawyers have a saying, "follow the money." In this case it is "follow the major nuclear arms possessors," starting with the big five (the U.S., Britain, France, USSR, Red China) and then the big three (the U.S., USSR, Red China). Israel's payoff was nuclear arms made to begin with in the late 1950's by Britain and France well before Johnson in the 1960's, for Israel's help in the burgeoning post World War II transnational drug trade. Not the last time such a pay off was to be made. Andy was tied into the cabal responsible for that. They had even planned and caused to be carried out the major portion of the cold war's MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, to cover their activities. The evil "other" was always the reason for secrecy and unaccountability on the part of the Triad's agents within their own governments. George (codename "Walkerman"), a young operative specialized in knowing such things and acting with them. He had major political ambitions which were realized later for him and his son. He came from the same area that Johnson did. The drug dealing nexus to the south was Cuba (the attempts on Castro's life got through to him and he was then in the Triad's pocket permanently) and to the Far-East was the Southeast Asian drug triads and to the Middle East were the lucrative Libyan-Lebanese-Syrian-Afghanistani-Iraqi growing and trading centers. Mules, especially in the U.S. Military, were utilized regularly beginning in the early 1950's. They were protected by the transnational cabal. The lowest enlisted man, if he proved valuable, could rise through the ranks to become an officer with a career all mapped out for him, but owned by them forever after. The protection of these mules and others was rife in every field where they might otherwise be rightfully targeted by honest law enforcement. The big nexus arranged in the 1950's and carried over into the decades after that was the Japanese Yakuza and the Southeast Asian triads and South and Central American dictators, like Panama's Manuel Noriega at one segment in time, and their puppet regimes of Kissinger's planned incursions into their countries. War and crime were not just big business but the last half of the twentieth century's and beyond transnational business. Their unmarked aircraft could be mistaken, even by experienced pilots, for Air America, the CIA's covert air operation which was allowed to fly in the United States and its overseas bases without Alpha Numeric markings required by all other aircraft in the world by law. Any danger, even by accidental knowledge or observation, to their operations would be silenced if they thought the danger to them or their mules was such that it would go public.

Shadows within shadows.

Andy had enemies neither he nor the organization he worked for knew of ... there were still the honest police who made it their business to stop these criminal shadow dwellers. They were serious and organized.