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Monday, October 22, 2012

People who worship dirt

Some people think they will worship earth mother instead of God. They are very trendy and very silly to worship dirt. They are so concerned about animals so earth mother care about them, but earth mother not alive and don't care about any of it anyway.

Even so, they take care of animals who don't care for them and so they try to protect snakes crossing roads and paths and whatever. 

It look like snakes jump for joy, but really they are just snakes spreading around looking for something to bite.

Don't care what it looks like, snake not reading sign but just sniffing air.

This sign is in field not on road so some really dumb people must put it there for make snake safe. Who cares if snake safe?

This must be return crossing - see different direction from first one above.

Ah so, slow down and crunch snake real good instead of stop, now these my kind of people.

Maybe they like snake recipe or maybe they just hatband people.

Can you tell what is in these? Snake is in one of them

Maybe you think oh no, not eat snake! Hmm, you ever see what King Crab bottom of ocean look like?

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