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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The ripping apart, dissolution and destruction of a generation and its effect on the world...

The 1960's were not an accident.

Once through them was one time too many.

The initials to that are MIC - maybe just coincidence, but add KEY and what do you have?
M I C K E Y . . . M O U S E - Like everything out of Disney, supposedly family oriented but actually pantheistic and without any real traditional values and designed for simpletons and to make simpletons out of those who they influence, just like the elites that Eisenhower and Kennedy both warned of.

1960 - Kennedy Nixon debate.

Listen to President John F. Kennedy, he had answers. No wonder the Satanic anarchist elites assassinated him (1963, see below for that year), they could not have survived his presidency if it had continued.

1961 - Cold war, Patriotism was in vogue without killer fascist attached to it.

1962 - Telstar, the gods speak from a machine

1963 - Banning of school prayer in two separate court decisions, making God illegal in America; and the ZioNazi - Fascist Drug crime cartel assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

And oh yes ...beatlemania... as if there were anything worthwhile about the beatles. Notice the hysteria introduced again (originally it was done with Elvis) into American society. Kennedy began the Peace Corps to help people, but a generation that certain controllers wanted to own was bombarded with vapid instead.

1964 - Deus ex machina - a very bad idea

Notice 7:56 through the prediction of the Planet of the Apes. Notice the predicted end of mankind to be replaced by Robots - Terminator?!?!? And he acts like it would be a good thing. Utter Pantheistic Nihilism.

1965 - CIA - Known by their name "La Compania" in South America, wants a hot war in Vietnam. The United States will be torn in half over this. That was known ahead of time.

January 27, 1965 - Johnson aides, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, send a memo to the President stating that America's limited military involvement in Vietnam is not succeeding, and that the U.S. has reached a 'fork in the road' in Vietnam and must either soon escalate or withdraw.

1966 - South Africa

Miriam Makeba and many others brought the world's attention to the hideous brutal oppression of South Africa. Dating from that time is her performance of many important songs. This one is actually a South African song originally from 1939. "Mbube" is its actual name, recorded by Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds. (Nothing to do with the Tokens at that time.) It is actually about Shaka Zulu, the real Lion King.

1967 - The USS Liberty - June 8, 1967

The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a U.S. Navy intelligence ship, USS Liberty, in international waters about 12.5 nautical miles (23 km) from the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, north of El Arish, by Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967.

It occurred during the Six-Day War, a conflict between Israel and the Arab states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The Israeli attack killed 34 U.S. servicemen and wounded at least 173. The attack was the second deadliest against a U.S. Naval vessel since the end of World War II, surpassed only by the Iraqi Exocet missile attack on the USS Stark on May 17, 1987, and marked the single greatest loss of life by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

On June 8, 2005, the USS Liberty Veterans Association filed a "Report of War Crimes Committed Against the U.S. Military, June 8, 1967" with the Department of Defense (DoD).

1968 - this needs no introduction

1969 - Woodstock 1969. The Rung Sat in Vietnam and some of the worst of it. VIETNAM. THE RUNGSAT SPECIAL ZONE (RSSZ) March 1969 - The most vicious of the ORIGINAL Seal Teams were in that. They were under orders to murder civilians - and they did. When this generation of Seals got back to the United States, they had to be quarantined for six months to debrief them - read, deprogram them enough that they didn't go out on the street and kill people.

(The video is a collage from various times and places)

1970 - Kent State

There is a lot more, there were bayonetings by the guard and many more shot who didn't die. Many were shot at a great distance. It went on for quite some time. The students were ALL unarmed.

Cuban Missile Crisis October 15, 1962 U-2 photo

Leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis - BY DESIGN OF THE TRIAD:

The 60's ...anarchy and dissolution.

Notice the difference between Ricky Nelson, clean cut all American young man, at the beginning and Grand Funk Railroad, the "American Band" at the end. The difference is ON PURPOSE by the controllers, a complete enactment of the Morlock (Grand Funk and the like) and Eloi (Ricky Nelson) of H.G. Wells Time Machine into American society replacing all traditional religion, morals, values and culture.

Notice in this 1960 Movie of the Time Machine, which was very accurate in its plot, storyline and details from the book, how the Morlock and Eloi are depicted. In particular, notice the Earth Mother Goddess (Isis, Tyche, Esther, "Mary risen in the flesh and ascended to heaven [not true]" as goddess ruling over Vatican II and its apostate Antichrist garbage) of blood drinking (represented by the vile idol on the pagan temple of the Morlocks) rules from the Chthonic (underworld) realm.

Isis (also: Chiun - Saturn - Kwan Yin - Remphan [Rempham], Moloch, Chemosh etc. - always, in fact, Satan) - the worst culmination of the triple goddess is represented in three forms: blood drinking Earth Mother, Celestial (the horned cow) and Chthonic (the goddess who brings all by the blood of the palm, representative of real blood drinking which in fact they did, in the power of the worm ourobouros [Satan], as Tolkien put it, "One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them").

Clarke's Terminator is now (2012) the airborne annihilation of the Middle Eastern peoples for ZioNazi IsraHell. Absolutely utter Diabolic depravity and bloodlust of the most savage sort.

Man's nightmares are instigated by the Devil in order to make those nightmares real here on earth unless we stop it now.

From the time of St. Nilus of Egypt and in the later Haditha of Islam, one of the prophesied marks of the Antichrist's (Antichrist - ad Dajjal) rule on earth is his ability to strike terror from the air via sorcery and the devices used in the tyrannical rule of the sorcerous elites. The most ancient of the false gods on earth is the god of the air which always has been Satan. That doesn't make flying devices evil in themselves - it depends on what they are used for and by whom.

THE MOST ANCIENT GOD OF THE PAGANS IS THE GOD OF THE AIR (See Note Number One below on the oldest pagan subversion of the actual history of creation)
Enlil in Chaldaea Sumeria; Shu in Egypt; Aura, Otos in Phoenicia; Aether in Greece father of Uranus, Greek; Coelus in Rome

Note Number One: Enlil (Chaldea, Sumer Assyro-Babylonian) Enlil was the most important deity of the Sumerian pantheon. The center of his cult was in Babylon. Enlil himself the air god, earth god, and storm god (particularly hurricanes) is the son of heaven, personified as the god An, and earth, personified as the goddess Ki. In Sumerian cosmogony, Nammu is the eternal primeval sea (this should be understood as the primal void); the mother of all the gods and the one who gave birth to heaven personified as the god An, and earth, who is personified as the goddess Ki (this should be understood as an emanation or simultaneous procession from the void in a moment of time. This is not the same as God creating, ex nihilo, including time itself as part of His creation). Their union (An and Ki) created the air god Enlil separated from An and Ki (heaven and earth) and the universe was created as heaven and earth separated by Enlil, air (See Section Three: THE ORIGINATOR OF ALL OF THIS IN THE PAGAN SYSTEMS IS THE SERPENT/DRAGON FROM THE COSMIC EGG – THE COSMOCRATORAS OF THE PAGANS AND THE GNOSTICS “cosmocratoras of this darkness” Ephesians 6:12). Enlil was known as lord of the storm, lord of the spirits on earth and in the air, and ghosts. He was the patron god of the city of Nippur, where his temple was called E- Kur (the mountain house). The name Enlil means “lord of the ghost-world.” All of this refers to his being Satan, the arches or archon of the “spiritual wickednesses” condemned by St. Irenaeus (quoting St. Paul, Ephesians 6:12) in Irenaeus’ creed at the beginning where St. Irenaeus says “…that He (Jesus Christ) may (will) send ‘spiritual wickednesses’, and the angels who transgressed and became apostates, together with the ungodly, and unrighteous, and wicked, and profane among men, into everlasting fire…”.

Take especial note of the highly sophisticated Pantheist/Monist system of ancient Chaldaea (extremely like the Mahayana Buddhist perception [both totally wrong of course!] of how existence came into being of the action of an immanent demiurge, or principle from the void). This fulfills completely all the requirements raised by Theistic Evolution and it’s most recent variation, Intelligent Design, and yet does not draw one logically to belief in the True God Who is ABOVE all and a Personal being of infinite Majesty (for instance, His glory reflected in His angels: doxas). This points out the diabolic trap that Intelligent Design really is. We must stay with a rock basic confession of Who God is. He created us, not the other way around! The true God is the God of REVELATION, not theory!

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