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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Sheikh

The vendetta, a story of justice I

The vendetta, a story of justice II

The vendetta, a story of justice III

The vendetta, a story of justice IV

The vendetta, a story of justice V

The vendetta, a story of justice VI

The vendetta, a story of justice VII

The Sheikh was a connection of the transnationals in a small town on the left coast of USA. he was originally from the Middle East, one of the small filthy rich emirates, and a privileged character from the beginning of his life. He lived in the small town with Militarists on all sides whose main job was to control everything he did. The protection they afforded him was secondary. There were Rolls and Bentleys and every other kind of extremely expensive cars that came and went. He was a bird in a gilded cage. There was a local connection to political power in Palestine and another to Israel and a third to the Pan European Union close by. While, like the rest of the profiteers off of the misery of the little people in the Middle East, he made his money off of the transnational pillage and subvert network run by the three superpowers, that didn't stop him from indulging himself in the fantasy that he was loved by his people and respected by others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like the connections that stretched around the world, he, like they, ruled through lies, deception, deceit and murder. When the time came for him to be deposed he would go the way of Arafat and Sadam and in the same way as planned for Gaddafi.

Gaddafi’s time came and the transnationals gave him no choice but to go out in a bloody fashion. Go out betrayed by his own people. The propagandists in the journalistic sphere for the most part spewed out what they were given. Only a few penetrated to the core of what happened and understood that it was planned that way from the time he was secretly assured that Lockerbie would never touch him, even though it was a Mossad-MI5/6 operation, with plausible deniability spread around by a plethora of Intelligence services. When the Red Queen plays a fool for his money and oil, it is only a matter of time before she screams “off with his head.”

When the time came for the Sheikh to go out, all of his political and secret paid connections were going to be destroyed in a very permanent way as well.

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