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Monday, April 27, 2009

A short story - continued part 4

Upon the earth blessed by God, sitting astride Numair, Shafiq and Belle looked, wondering, at the White Mare. The Mare spoke gently and said, “follow me and I will show you the way. First, Belle dismount from Numair and come ride upon my back.” Belle did as she was bid. On they rode together, side by side.

* * *

The marid, Aêšmi, stood alone in her cave. She was before the foul altar, a version of that which was to take much life in the future across Oceanus away beyond the pillars of Hercules. Fitting, Hercules or Melkart of Carthage, man-god of pagan North Africa to which was offered living infants to gain power from the fallen star - Saturn, Satan. The Chacmool altar is what it would be called in the future in that other, distant land. These altars the same, blood drenched in offering to Lilitu of human sacrifice, that she would curry favor thereby from Satan to grant power to the Devil's own. Aêšmi looked down to hell and invoking the triple goddess, emanations of Lilitu, Isis the horned celestial cow and Mene of the earth and Hecate of the abyss, began the ceremony of the black light.

The triple goddess, this was the same as, by other names the Arabian triple goddess cast down by Muhammad’s witness, “There is no God but only Allah.” Muhammad’s witness cast down the three foul sisters - al-Lat, al-Uzzat and al-Menat of al-ilah the moon god, born the moon god by the sun goddess.

Aêšmi began the invocation holding the intaglio in front and slightly raised to her side, “come to me and unify heaven and earth in me all spirits of the Celestial goddess and Hecate of the depths, in me by the blood of the mystical palm of Karnak in the Mother of all goddesses of earth between, Mene, by Isis Queen of terror, and by our mother Lilitu grant me total surrender to the power of the black light.” The ka attached to her ba began a wail from deep within her as the unseen kabbalah serpent began to circle within her. The black light began to radiate from her eyes and she began to shake violently. Then suddenly it ceased and her appearance had changed completely. Before she had been plain and given to a grayish passible appearance as if haunted. Now this creature was radiant and sensuous and even beautiful and terrifying, but seductive in the extreme.

“Shafiq my darling,” the succubus purred, “come to me. . .be mine alone, what care you for that creature, Belle?”

* * *

Numair and the White Mare cantered down the road carrying their human cargoes. The White Mare turned her head to Numair and said, “would you like the gift of human speech?” Numair shook his head and neighed, as if to say, ‘of course!’ The Mare, simply said, “in the future.”

The four went on in silence for some time. Belle and Shafiq exchanged glances and smiles from time to time.

Suddenly startled, Belle looked quickly at him and said, “A chill just went through me Shafiq.” Unknown to Belle, that was the moment of the full possession of Aêšmi and her ceasing to be human at all.

Smiling, Shafiq said gently to Belle, “Do not fear, I will let no harm come your way, princess.”

“It is not myself for which I fear, but you brave knight. Do be very careful of perilous beauty, Shafiq.” She said very somberly.

He marveled at her and said, “I shall my princess, I shall.” And on they went, the midday sun beaming down on them in a soft and kindly light.

-to be continued-

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