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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A short story

There was a lady, an elegant lady. She was pure of soul and gentle of heart. Grieved and angered by the wrongs she saw, she spoke out.

Terrible threats were levied against her by agents of the evil-doers. She blanched not at all. She continued her crusade. She had a coterie of female athlete warriors to go with her into battle. One of their number of the phalange de Astarte-Ishtar here shows their resolve against the enemy.

All men of good conscience and love of wisdom supported the noble lady and her heroines and even went before them to battle the foe. A mighty archangel from God was sent to help them in this holy war.

And now the scene is set.

The story...

"Daddy,daddy, do you see the light!" exclaimed the King's daughter.

"Yes dear," said the King, "it is God's angel come to talk with us."

"Greetings and peace to you," the angel saluted them.

"Welcome and it is good that you are here," the King, bowing, greeted the angel of God.

"I have come to warn you," the angel went on to say, "that the evil Queen of Hell, the consort of Asmodeus father of demons, Lilitu, has sent one of her children the most diabolic Persian female marid from the tall peaks of Reshteh-ye Alborz from under the dark of the mountain of the gods Qolleh-ye Damavand, Aêšmi-daeva Síyáh-Chál, the maiden of the black pit, to abduct your beautiful daughter ضوء السماء la belle lumière la princesse de Mésopotamie. The maiden Aêšmi would then take her place."

"What can I do?" exclaimed the King.

"Fear not said the angel, for I have brought the golden ring of protection, the amulet of the morning star on golden chain, for the safeguarding of your daughter." Giving it to the King the angel concluded his message for which he had been sent, "Keep it with her and she will be safe." Saluting the King, the angel ascended back to heaven.

The King said to his daughter, "Belle, keep this chain around your neck always to bear this amulet from the Lady of the Morning for your protection. Promise me dear."

"I will daddy," she said.

Many years passed and Belle grew into the lovliest and most gentle and soft flower of the two rivers there had ever been. Truly a Queen of Mésopotamie when her time should come.

One day she was picking roses in her garden and a stranger rode up on horseback and doffed his cap and said, "most fair maid, grant me but a short vision of you and I have seen paradise."

She replied, a bit, but not too much disturbed, "Good sir, you are bold enow and what should I say to your flattery?"

He, dismounting his steed with a bow and a flourish looking steadily with eyes of clear light into her beautiful eyes, breathed in the morning mist, "grant me to but know you and my life's quest is sure."

She suddenly, recognizing the good heart she had dreamed of from afar, caught her hand around the amulet about her neck and reassured that this meeting was most blessed, said, "I must go now, but do come again to my garden's gate and wish me good day, as I do you now, fair gentleman, welcome and well met."

-to be continued-

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  1. Mon cher frère Stéphane, c'est le plus excellent! Astarte a divorcé du païen mâle a dépravé le culte et a basé sur la personne d'antiquité qui était une reine révérée pour sa douceur et sagesse. Grand bon début!


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