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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A short story - continued part 6

The marid Aêšmi, or former half mortal-half marid, was now a full succubus. Her former powers of mental terror and possession were still hers. However her appearance had now changed to a most seductive and deadly beauty. She was still a shape shifter as well; a very deadly combination. Her demon sight to see at huge distances and read minds and plant thoughts were all hers. Her need for blood, like that of all succubi was very real. Her physical strength was great.

Aêšmi stood before a mirror, peering from inside her eyes was the faint glint of the red light of the demon heart, and she had clothed herself differently than ever before. Now she was clothed not in dark and grey formless cloth as she had always, but in gossamer. The gossamer hung like a thin veil clinging to her frame. The finest silver white gossamer, like a spider's. But this difference was most deadly, all of the fibers were razor sharp strands. Mortal flesh could not endure their touch. Only the inhuman flesh of the succubus was immune from the nettle like stinging lacerations it would bring on the slightest embrace. She engaged one of her powers and willed to see Shafiq and Belle and to her dismay could not. Unknown to her was the fact that the prince and princess were in the presence of the Lady of the Morning and that presence prevented the marid-succubus' powers from penetrating anywhere near them. Aêšmi put her dress over this frail looking most devastating inner garment. That dress was the dark irridescent grey green false-heliotrope blue scorpion dress. It was a demonic shade of the color of what in the world lit by the sun was the color of the animal called a green scorpion. It had a flaming rouge and black scorpion on the back and red scarabs on both sleeves.

It was Shafiq more than Belle, who was in danger.

Aêšmi began her ascent to the surface and when she came to the gate that let out on the world of light, she invoked the guard, a hell hound, by the names of Lilitu and Asmodeus to let her pass, and it did. Above the gate was the dreadful symbol of the worm Ouroborous, the worm that eats its own tail and emerges to deceive.

Aêšmi went forth into the world of sunlight and began a serpent like hiss that ended with a purr like a kitten, "come to me Shafiq my darling, ...come to me my love."

* * *

During the feast, the counsel of the Lady of the Morning had been going on for some time. The royal Lady, Queen of the Dawn, draped Belle with the outer golden cloak of the Lady's own protection and reminded Belle of the importance of always bearing the amulet she had been given by the angel.

The Queen was speaking, "...may you be worthy my son of this lady, the Princess Belle, and escort her well in the quest that is set before you." Belle thought to herself, ' "my son." He is a prince, that I know, but of this house?'

-to be continued-

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