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Monday, May 4, 2009

A short story - continued part 10

The hordes were stirring. The evil foul spirit of Asmodeus was calling them to aid his daughter Aêšmi. Chief among them was Aêšmi's half brother Ha’dad al-Dagon. Ha’dad was drawing the hordes to himself as well. Ha’dad's power emanated from the cave of Lilitu by the Red Sea. That cave possessed the most evil shrine and altar and power of Lilitu as Queen of the Kaballah of the Na'asseni Hebiru.

* * *

Belle journeyed secure with Shafiq by her side. Numair and Maysa' walked carrying their cargos while speaking to one another and enjoying the sunlight. Belle turned to Shafiq and said, "Shafiq, I know there is an inscription on the ring embedded in my amulet, is there one on your ring as well?" Shafiq, looking warmly and gently at Belle said, "there is my Princess, there is." She thought for a moment and said quietly, "and what is that, Prince Shafiq?" He looked ahead and replied in a soft and pleasant voice, "When once quest is begun and heart speaks to heart, know that heaven's decree of resolve of the true, and love of two as one is announced and the delight of good will be theirs, forevermore." Princess Belle said almost inaudibly, "does your heart speak Shafiq?" He said, "It speaks, my Princess." She replied looking at him gently, almost moist, "As does mine, my ring says the same. Are you at rest?" He said, "Always in your presence, my Princess. I am your humble servant." She turned to him and looked into his eyes and said, "and my heart is yours." He replied, "A gift I shall always treasure more than life." They rode in silence the two horses close, side by side.

* * *

Ra'idah looked at her troops assembled before her, in their full battle array, and turning, looked at Rashida and said, "give the command." Rashida did and the march began.

* * *

Shafiq and Belle continued on, they rounded a bend and there the angel of God stood before them. the horses slowed and stopped. The angel spoke to them, "I am Abdul-Alim Nur al Din, I am the angel who has always guarded you Princess Belle. I will be with you on this journey. Prince Shafiq, in all that your mother has counselled you and you are charged with to fulfill on this quest, I will assist you both." Princess Belle said, "Good angel, I recognize the gracious presence I have always sensed. I am glad you are here." Prince Shafiq spoke, "Welcome Abdul-Alim Nur al Din and we great your presence with us with rejoicing." The angel spoke looking at them both, "Fi Amanallah ... bless these two in all things in their lives and all they do, most high and most gracious God," and blessed them by the blessing of Almighty God. The angel turned and walked ahead of them as they went on.

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