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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A short story - continued part 22

The war was won. The army of the saints broke camp in the morning and set out for Sippar.

When the army of the saints with Shafiq and Belle reached the gate of Sippar there was a joyous welcome for them all, especially the future King and Queen. The wounded were brought inside to be cared for with the utmost tenderness. The dead were given solemn funeral with all in attendance. The Prince and Princess were given the best quarters and many waited upon them. The rejoicing was nonstop. After two days, refreshed, they set out for Rapiqum and where at the Queen's palace the future King and Queen would be crowned and married and reign over the reunified kingdom of the 'Land of the Dawn and the Western Seashore', for it indeed now stretched from the Western Seashore to the Eastern arm of the sea and the dawn. The kingdom was restored to what it had been and the invaders and all evil doers had been dealt with. Asmodeus and Lilitu were vanquished. Ha'dad the half brother of Aêšmi had been skewered by three of the daughters of Astarte simultaneously, Aêšmi had been struck down by Shafiq. The evil was gone.

They approached the Queens palace. Kadeen with an honor guard met them with the people all gathered around and cheering to see their Queen and the Prince and Princess. Maysa' and Numair were close together always, even when not carrying the Prince and Princess.

The preparations for the coronation and wedding went on for three weeks and people from all over the kingdom gathered for the joyous and high celebration. On the day, Prince Shafiq and Princess Belle were lead in procession to the dais of Queen Sawsan where their wedding vows were given and received with gladness and all rejoicing and their coronation accomplished with all due solemnity. Abdul was there and rejoiced with them. The now, King and Queen, were acclaimed throughout the land and the people looked to them as the blessed leaders of a free and proud people redeemed from their oppressors.

That night in their royal quarters Belle looked at Shafiq and said soft and low, "my leige, my King, my love, my husband ... I love you with all of my heart and always will." Shafiq holding her gently, said most tenderly, "my life, my love, my heart, my soul, my blessed love ... I have always loved you and always will." There they embraced and held one another with the love that joined them sweetly and completely as one, forever.

There was still the work of rebuilding the Kingdom, the cleaning out of the foul garbage of the invaders and the repairing of the terrible damages done and most of all the healing of the people's deep wounds inflicted by the hordes and evil doers. The new King and Queen would set about that forthwith, and all support of the people accompanied them. That is the further story from that so very good, blessed and gentle beginning.

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  1. That is the sweetest ending! I love it. I am going to read it to Paul.


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