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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A short story - continued part 16

The five set out in the morning after having broken camp.

Prince Shafiq Nur al Din Taymullah bin Wajih of Rapiqum, son of the Lady of the Morning, the Queen of the Dawn, Sawsan, Lily of the valley, upon Numair and Princess Belle of Mari, ضوء السماء la belle lumière la princesse de Mésopotamie upon Maysa’, led by the mighty malak, Abdul-Alim Nur al Din approached the gate of Sippar. Latif, cousin of Kadeen of Rapiqum, faithful gatekeeper of Sippar under the Village Master, Mundhir, bowed and opened to them.

Ra'idah assisted by Rashida with Falak on her arm and the Daughters of Astarte, the Warriors of Lady Ishtar of Susa, were waiting inside the gate.

* * *

The marid-succubus of Asmodeus of Reshteh-ye Alborz from under the dark of the mountain of the gods Qolleh-ye Damavand, Aêšmi-daeva Síyáh-Chál, the maiden of the black pit, and her half brother Ha’dad al-Dagon were gathering the hordes from North and South and West to attack the rightful Prince and Princess of the Kingdoms of the Two Rivers and the East.

* * *

Abdul greeted Ra'idah, who bowed low to him, and turned and took his leave of Belle and Shafiq, bidding them to be careful and to trust Ra'idah and the Daughters of Astarte. Belle recalled what Abdul had said to them days before, “The yearly counsel will be held some days hence. There is time to see what must be seen and then to speak at the counsel with words of redress. It will not be well thought of by the syncophants there. They will try harm if not stopped. When our tour is complete and the Daughters of Astarte have arrived, I will leave to keep watch over the connivings and movements of Aêšmi and Ha’dad and their hordes from hell.

Then, will the two armies be gathered against one another for battle. Two armies, each headed by a Monarch and a Consort, one is good and the other evil, will clash to determine who rules." Abdul was gone suddenly, not to be seen. It was time for Shafiq and Belle, assisted by the Daughters of Astarte to prepare and go to the yearly counsel and deal with the traitors and address the counsel and gather all men of good will to their cause. They began their preparations immediately and would be ready to depart on the morrow. That night all rested well for the journeys that lay ahead.

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