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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A short story - continued part 20

Aêšmi dismounted the giant scorpion she had ridden to just outside of the camp of Shafiq and Belle. She prowled about the camp out of sight of the guards who would have killed her immediately if they had spotted her. She was in her seductress form and only wearing the gossamer. She exerted her mental power to call to Shafiq.

Shafiq stirred and uneasily, rising he walked to the outside of the camp. He was wearing his sword. Aêšmi was putting forth all her power to draw him. Shafiq started to walk past the last guard to go outside of the camp, when Belle, who had followed him called out to him, "Shafiq! don't, don't go there." Shafiq stopped and turned, but then he heard Belle say from the other direction, "Shafiq! don't, don't go to her, it isn't me." The marid succubus never told the truth. She, for she was indeed a shape changer, had changed her form into that of Belle as well. Shafiq looked in both directions, two Belles were there, one in each direction. The guard, one of the Daughters of Astarte, started towards one of the Belles. Shafiq remembering the warnings, said to the guard, "NO, don't do anything." Aêšmi-Belle said to him, "Shafiq I am wounded, the succubus attacked me, help me, help me please, Shafiq...." as her voice trailed off. Belle then knowing what she must do, said to the guard, "run me through with your spear and then run the other Belle through also." The guard was shocked and perplexed, no way could she do this. She was sworn to protect the Princess and this was unthinkable in any case. Aêšmi-Belle was provoked and moved towards Shafiq again saying even more, "Shafiq help me, ignore the false Belle." She betrayed herself, for the demon light showed in her eyes, but Shafiq did not see it! Suddenly, descending from heaven, the mighty malak of God, Abdul-Alim Nur al Din stood between the real Belle and Aêšmi-Belle, his back towards the real Belle in protection of her. His hand foward to warn Aêšmi not to approach her. The guard perceived what was happening and moved towards Aêšmi, her spear pointed to thrust and kill the succubus. Shafiq drew his sword, just in time, as the succubus reached out to rake him and make the blood spurt to the ground in what would be his death throws. The Prince struck the marid succubus in her demon heart with his sword and green blood flowed. A shriek was heard. Falak, on Rashida's arm screamed a warning scream of danger. Ra'idah called all the guards to battle. The men of the camp rose grabbing their weapons. Turmoil and tumult reigned briefly and all rushed to where Belle and Shafiq were. There on the ground lay the marid succubus, the green blood oozing from her demon heart. She died snarling. The whole camp had gathered and now watched as Asmodeus' and Lilitu's plot to kill Shafiq and break Belle, failed. Shafiq rushed to Belle and held her in his arms close and said, "dearest Belle, my sweetest of my heart, my love, are you safe?" Belle, a tear in her eye, said, "I am my love, I am." It was late evening but not full night yet. The guards found and dispatched the scorpion. Belle and Shafiq stood together for some time speaking with one another, for they knew tommorrow was the fateful day. They would turn in and rest, for battle would be joined in the morning.

Others were gathering, in the end it would be the two utterly opposed forces, one for good and one for evil, that would meet upon the battlefield.

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