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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice III

Chapter three "the goods"

Uthman and Bo Dai's falling out was predictable but severely impeded the flow of the goods. Bo Dai was dead but his daughter was well provided for. If you were owned by the Triad and were loyal to them, they would take care of you while you were alive.

The choppers were taking out huge loads which were then transported by several means, including ships and planes. It was mounting up to the $500 billion a year mark. Governments were toppled that got in the way at the snap of a finger. Three trillion dollars a year was the goal. People mistook the helicopters for lawful Military or Air America flights.

The East and West Coasts of the United States had natural import and export ports for shipping, both civilian and especially military, air and sea, including submersibles. All of this was perfect for the mules to transport the "goods." Military mules had their own neighborhoods where they congregated to live and where usually there was no danger of their being found out as to what they were. If the honest Police, including especially DEA and Military investigators, found out about the mules, it would be the end of the mules.

In France, Rene had been briefed about his Pacific Rim contact, a Japanese Police Officer, Hifumi. Hifumi was tough, loyal to the cause and as honest through and through as Rene. They were a good match, complimentary, in many ways. Hifumi was a combat Judo instructor and Rene a professional grade Savate practitioner.

They met in a California Japanese consulate. The meeting was professional and to the point, get the mules and the transportation methods for the "goods."

Particularly, they were told be careful of the Triad agent, codename, "Quickdraw." They were given what they needed to get him but warned he was as low and mean and dangerous as it gets due to his backup among the whole corruption in his area.

"Payoffs," of all sorts, were a way of life for the Triad. They had even done the most popular American President of the twentieth century, and made it a signature assassination that everybody could recognize and be warned by.

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