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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice VI

"Dammit all," CuTee moaned in a small shrill voice, "Hardnose just doesn't back down, set him up again, to be killed this time. Get everyone involved to make sure it doesn't miss."

What CuTee didn't know is that he was being watched, by powers greater than this earth and also tracked by the honest police.

His days were self determined in ways he didn't understand at all. God was angry with him.

The second set up did not stop Hardnose from telling the truth. CuTee was now going for the third time, to kill Hardnose.

Rene and Hifumi were monitoring CuTee, both of them did not allow their natural disgust for CuTee to get in the way of their job of tracking him down and bringing him to justice. CuTee, the Military Intell Transnational "connections specialist" Senior Liason Officer, and bully, with his co-bullies, had corrupted, bribed and threatened and lied his way through things until now but Rene and Hifumi were of a different sort and could not be bought, threatened or coerced. They were monitoring the criminal activities of those who tailed and followed and harassed Hardnose and his family. They had the connection between CuTee and these criminals who were doing all they could to hurt and lie about and set up Hardnose and his family. A lot of people were going to go down real hard when they tried to pull off set up number three to hurt Hardnose; the documentation on it and monitoring, which included certain officials who thought they were above the law, would see to it.

CuTee, in between being called by his superiors who were angry with him for his complete failure to program and turn Hardnose, was complaining to anyone nearby that 23 years of immediate effort built on even earlier effort to make Hardnose an "asset," and none of it has worked at all, "what a waste of time, they should have left him alone," CuTee whined. CuTee was on the phone again, "I don't care that Drachenfrau (local codename) doesn't want to be dragged in, I want it done."..."What do you mean, no one takes me serious anymore, 30 plus years in Military disinfo from inside the Military and buying and selling people and contracts for hire, that is an impressive record I have, they better take me serious ... see if the Mossad has a Sayan locally..." The low life he was talking to hung up on him. His days were numbered, the firm and the local outfit that worked for the firm had enough of his bungling. They would handle things their own way. Hardnose wasn't their concern, CuTee was.

"Quickdraw. step out of the car," the voice said, "and come here." "I'm here, what do you want me to do?" CuTee said in a whining servile tone. "Take this plane ticket to this country and wait for instructions." He did ...he was never heard from again.

Hardnose or his real name, Etienne, and his family, lived in peace after that and devoted himself to religious prayer and teaching.

Rene and Hifumi pursued very successful careers in tracking down and arresting the transnational criminals they brought to justice and each of them married and had families and prospered.

The end.

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