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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice VII

The downfall of various criminals in the positions of magistery and gendarmery and procureurs in England and Russia and the United States and several other countries was a foregone conclusion as they had not only surreptitiously, but also quite openly flouted the law and any proper and lawful rule of law and conduct in court and all other related venues. The Mossad and their Sayanim were involved as they had a vested interest in all transnational drug dealing. One of their favorite ploys was to have the B'nai B'rith ADL type of "cooperation" dodge of a given country's and Israeli Military colluding together to help civilian "gendarmery" work in both countries; that of course was a total violation of law in general throughout the nations and the U.S. Constitution and all U.S. law banning the Military and foreign interference with U.S. civil activities on U.S. soil. Not to mention that the bribing and threats and collusion with the shadow dwellers in various positions who were on the take was absolutely unlawful. Moreover the outcome was predictable, drug dealers operated with impunity and only those dealers that weren't part of the "system" were ever bothered in any of those countries. The "system" had its origins in the Russian mob and in fact the original long time famous "French Connection" in Marseilles and was laced through and through with Israelis, including IDF Generals and Shin Bet and Russian Kahal and American gangsters and their accomplices.

While Rene and Hifumi were off chasing the transnational modern versions of the "French Connection" in Africa, this time, another one of the honest police was on the scene elsewhere. Paula was a devoted FBI agent and she HATED the corruption in society due to those who "called" themselves the "authorities." The "authorities" was a code word for transit connections of the Triad. They occupied all strata of society.

Paula had a full report on her desk from Rene on his and Hifumi's findings on Quickdraw. She mused over it, her notice drawn to where over a six year period from early 2005 to early 2011, various reports and survelliances on CuTee and his accomplices showed where he had blocked lawful complaints against him and his accomplices and promoted a protection and dealing racket with a firm he had a secret interest in and paid quite a number of corrupt attorneys in various positions to further persecute and threaten anyone who would reveal his muling activities based on his long career in Military Intelligence. She read with interest how Rene described in detail how this was not the lawful normal Military intelligence, but the shadow intelligence that corrupted a number of different nations' governmental agencies. CuTee had worked for and with the "authorities"- in reality the drug dealing transit connections of the Triad, and not a single actual lawful authority among them ever - for a long time.

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