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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice V

Chapter five The second set up

"Get me Flannigan," Quickdraw whined into the phone, "he's got to help with 'Hardnose,' he is not backing down and keeps exposing us. Hardnose was the codename for someone who was never intimidated by the threats and subversion of everything Quickdraw touched in the neighborhood and everywhere else Quickdraw was involved with his transnational drug dealing and murder incorporated. QD (as his co-conspirators in the "business" called him or CuTee as his enemies mispronounced it on purpose due to his taste for young women in their twenties to forties, 20 to 30 years younger than his wife, even when she was present nearby) was beside himself, the whole mule operation was being revealed by Hardnose with CuTee's name and several others spelled out to make known what they were doing. Hardnose wasn't about to back down after a family member of his was poisoned to stop him from revealing a route the mules used and another family member threatened and attacked repeatedly.

Hardnose had been set up once before by CuTee. This set up involved many of the same people. CuTee was as predictable as he was limited, in both imagination and intelligence. CuTee tried his best to make up for it in lying, thieving and threats and attacks against people. One of his favorites was right out of a 1930's gangster film. CuTee would have someone sidle up to people CuTee was trying to intimidate and have the message delivered that, "hey, they got the means to really hurt you, now wait for what CuTee wants and you better do it." If that didn't work then the second message was, "well you know CuTee is 'sorry' he scared you, meaning they better be scared and do what he wants." If that didn't work then a physical attack came next. CuTee had attorneys in various positions to cover for him, some with authority that was of great use. Money could buy a lot, in a lot of places.

A government was about to be toppled where others had been toppled in the region earlier in the decade previous to that time. This time it was Libya. Colonel Qaddafi's days were numbered. Libya was about to be crushed. The exposing of the mules that would now be interfacing with the new dealing routes that would result was not going to be tolerated by CuTee's superiors. CuTee's head was on the chopping block if he allowed that.

"Get that woman in Canada real scared," CuTee snarled, "whatever it takes, and make Hardnose know that he and his family are next if he doesn't go inside while we do Qaddafi. We can't have him writing about our contacts locally or internationally." One of CuTee's associates said, "Hardnose won't, unless we grab him and make his family vulnerable where he can't protect them." CuTee replied smirking smugly now, "that's it exactly and use all the reach and money it takes."

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