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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice II

Chapter two Uthman

Andy had a counterpart in the Middle East by the name of Uthman. Uthman was as low as Andy and was particularly active in Damascus. There was a dancing girl there by the name of Layla who was his contact with the shadow CIA.

Uthman was calling to her, "Layla, come here girl, now."

Layla thought to herself, but didn't reveal what she thought ... just said "yes ... yes, coming."

Uthman wanted her to do for him and she obliged as usual.

Outside the night club was the bustle of traffic and a short Vietnamese man was walking toward the door of the club. His name was "Bo Dai" (a codename) Thieu and had business of a private nature with Uthman. They were both in the same trade. He was a colonel with the ARVN by day and something else by night and had contacts in Okinawa and China.

"Colonel Thieu," slyly with his hand barely extended, Uthman said quietly, "come in and have a seat." The two discussed their business.

Both Uthman and "Bo Dai" were managed by the shadow CIA part of the Triad. Their contact was an agent, a fat slimey grinning caricature of a mean fellow codenamed "Quickdraw." He was a Military mule who rose through the ranks from enlisted where he had stolen everything he could and sold out his country time and again for the plots of the Triad. Uthman was particularly under his thumb.

It was obvious to the Triad that the Asian triads were limited in their scope and usefulness and money making ability, even with the South American poppy fields grown and harvested by the shadow CIA to supplement the product brought in.

It was imperative to the plan to criminalize the entire justice system of the world with a new form of the Nazi stormtroopers to load up all societies with as many drugs and dealers and users as possible. Therefore Uthman and others like him were of crucial importance to the Triad since they were central to the biggest supply fields in the world from the Western Sahara to Pakistan and myriad fields in between.

In another part of the world, Rene was preparing for a briefing with his boss, a very dedicated Police Narcotics officer. Rene was a French Police officer who was part and parcel of the loyal honest police throughout the world who were united and organized in resistance to the Triad.

Uthman and Bo Dai did business as counterpoints in different places, but with banking that coincided in London and the Caribbean. It was this that worked to finally bring about their confrontation on an island off the coast of Florida. Only one walked away alive, that one was Uthman. Mossad, as a favor to Uthman, who was a Sayan contact of theirs at times, tipped him. That gave Uthman the edge he needed. It was brief and messy. Uthman choppered out at night.

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