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Friday, November 4, 2011

The vendetta, a story of justice IV

Chapter four Quickdraw

Afghanistan and Iraq to Europe and to the Gulf Coast then from there to California to distribution points and from the triads in Asia to Canada and then to distribution points, with the alternate flows in nearly reverse directions in case of need. The newer form of the scheme was paying off quite well. The Okinawan Californian contact "Quickdraw" a Military mule and officer was particularly useful as he had been for quite a number of years, even decades. His intelligence contacts which had been groomed for him through years were a fluid channel for the goods.

Things fell apart in this well laid plan at times and cleanup had to be done. Just like the Japanese judge earlier who had been found shot in his chest in his car in his own driveway in the small town near the coast and Admiral Boorda shot in his chest in the Eastern United States, anyone who got in the way of the Triad, was eliminated. The judge had contacted Hifumi and was going to talk to him. Boorda was going to talk to a special Investigations agent.

Then September 11, 2001, the big coup planned and financed by the Triad and carried out by their minions, occurred. The perfect excuse to cover the Triad's tracks, past, present and future, into Afghanistan and Iraq and the whole Middle East. The drug trade had never been so good.

"Quickdraw" lived within a neighborhood of mules where two honest Navy Captains and an honest Marine Corps Brigadier General and another five individuals, all professionals in their honest decent occupations, had been removed, because they became aware of things and talked to people and would have exposed the Triad's activities. Doctors had been used to do the job on them. The "Sheik" was a little too obvious and he quietly moved away.

Quickdraw walked out on his driveway early one morning to get his newspaper. A light snow had covered the ground the night before, someone remarked. That comment visibly unnerved Quickdraw. It should have, for other reasons than the obvious icy cold winter weather one would infer from the comment.

Rene and Hifumi had been discussing Quickdraw and collecting information on him for quite some time. As the new millennium wore on, they continued to collect more. They were patient and meant to take him and a number of other criminals down real hard. They had both lost family and colleagues to the Triad's murderous ways. There was a bond between them that was as solid as iron.

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